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Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Climate Change Legislation in the 113th Congress

Jonathan L. Ramseur
Specialist in Environmental Policy

In the 113
th Congress, Members have introduced multiple bills that include provisions that would directly or indirectly address climate change-related issues. In some cases, it is difficult to distinguish between direct and indirect climate change bills, because a specific bill or action may seek to achieve multiple objectives. The bills listed in this report include provisions that directly address climate change, as opposed to those that primarily address other issues (e.g., energy efficiency) but could have ancillary impacts on climate.

Observations about the climate change-related proposals in the 113
th Congress include the following:

• as of the date of this report, one bill (S. 332) would attach a price to GHG emissions;

• a large number of the identified bills include provisions to encourage or require climate change adaptation activities; and

• a considerable number of proposals include provisions to prohibit federal agencies, particularly the Environmental Protection Agency, from taking action to require GHG emission reductions.

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